Bringing on Labour

You have waited nine months for this day to come, and now the date has been and gone and there is no sign of pitter-patter of little feet. It maybe time to give a nudge to get things going.

Go for a walk – the rhythmic pressure of your baby’s head on your cervix stimulates the release of oxytocin.

Have sex as the male reproductive fluid contains prostaglandins; the same hormone substances that doctors use to help induce labour.

Eat spicy foods – its thought that curry can stimulate your tummy and therefore also stimulate your uterus. It does not need to be a curry – it can be anything spicy!

Pineapple is extremely rich in Bromelain, so eating it could have a softening and ripping effect on the cervix.

Acupressure is another natural method for inducing – it is thought to stimulate the energy within your body to act on a particular organ function or system.

Have a warm bath – this will help relax you and prepare your body for labour.

Take evening primrose oil – this will help to soften the cervix.