Pain Relief

Most women says childbirth is the most painful thing they ever been through. Here are some of the common ways to ease the pain during labour.

Position – lying on your back can make your contractions slower and more painful. Try moving, such as rocking, swaying or even having a walk round the room, as this can help ease the pain and can help your labour progress.

Massage – having your partner rub your feet or massage temples can relax you, and make you feel cared for, which is a major morale boost.

Gas and air – this is the most common type of pain relief during labour. It is a fast acting relief as it takes effect after 20-30 seconds.

Epidural – is a local anaesthetic injected into your back. It usually removes all pain and most feeling from the waist down.

Birth pool – Being in water can help you move around easily to give birth, the warm water can be very soothing and contractions are often less painful in water. You can also be monitored in the pool.