Your Home

Baby proofing your home is essential to keeping your baby safe. You might think a newborn baby cannot do much damage, but you need to bear in mind it won’t be long until they start crawling and then walking and once this happens you probably won’t have time to think about baby proofing your house! So it’s better to do it before the baby is born.

The best way to baby proof your home is for you to get down on your hands and knees to see all the things that can potentially harm your baby. Furniture with sharp corners will need to be padded. Once you baby starts moving you will need to move everything that is in reach at their eye level. As electrical sockets are most nearest the floor, you will need to cover unused electrical sockets with outlet protectors or safety caps and make sure there are no long cables to trip over.

One of the most important equipment you will need to buy, if you are living in a house is a pair of safety gates – one for the top of the stairs and one for the bottom.

Your baby’s toys should be much larger than his mouth this will prevent choking.

Put toilet locks to keep toilet lids closed. Children are more top-heavy and can lean and fall into a toilet easily. They also can drown in just one inch of water. Adjust your hot water to 120 degrees, to prevent any scalding.

Store household cleaners and other chemicals in a locked cabinet and do the same for any low cupboards.

If you have done it already, install a smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Know where your baby is at all times, and if you need to leave them unattended put them in a safe place, like a cot or playpen.